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Rods and rod ends

FAD rods and tips are made of high-quality structural carbon steel (41Cr4, SAE 5140). All products are fully consistent with the original dimensions, nuts of strength classes 10, 10.9 and high-quality lubricants of the original production are used.

High corrosion resistance

FAD rods and tips are electrostatically lubricated and varnished.
30-40 micron thick coating tested in climatic chambers at temperatures from -50 ° С to + 150 ° С and which can withstand brine tests for 500 hours under a jet pressure of more than 20 bar. Thus, corrosion protection for up to 5 years is achieved.

Increased durability

Mechanical damage to steel is manifested in the deformation of the crystal lattice. In order to avoid these deformations, the controlled cooling of the metal parts of the parts is used in the production of rods and FAD tips, which provides increased structural strength.

Increased steering resistance

The inner surface of the FAD tip housings undergoes induction hardening, which increases their hardness to 60 Rockwell units and prevents wear on the steering tip housing. The absence of induction hardening leads to the failure of the entire assembly after 1000 km.
In addition, increased wear resistance is achieved due to the increased diameter of the spherical connection of the tips, which expands the working surface of the ball, as well as by coating the inner surfaces of the parts with manganese phosphate.

Release of ball fingers from the tip body

During the manufacturing process, FAD products are constantly monitored for the absence of microcracks and invisible defects by the MAGNAFLUX method of magnetic particle inspection, which ensures the safety of the ball finger throughout the operation of the part.

High-quality anthers of our own production

For the manufacture of anthers used in the assembly of FAD tips, the same materials are used as the original manufacturers (chloroprene (CR), polyurethane with a hardness of 60/70). This provides reliable protection of the internal components of the tip from dust and road dirt.

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