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Уважаемые партнеры, приносим свои извинения за технические неудобства. Цены на сайте не всегда верны. Просим уточнять цены у своих менеджеров.

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L-Town Spare Parts invites you to cooperation, we are ready to place your presence and prices on our site.
To begin, send your proposal to info@ltsp.com.ua, it will be considered within 5 business days.
You will receive an answer by phone or e-mail that was specified in your offer.
The offer must specify:
In the subject line: "Import price list + company name";

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Full organization name;
Type / scope of activity;
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Your site; Name of contact person for communication, his telephone and e-mail;

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Minimum delivery terms;
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Your price list. Technical requirements for the price list file:
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File Format: .xls (MS Excel 97-2003 Format.) .Xlsx
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File size: not more than 10 MB.
Maximum number of rows: not more than 100,000
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